Think of your eBook as a potential ongoing series or course. Pull out certain sections as a special report available on your website, or into audio or visual tapes using these sections to promote current or future products. Create a squeeze page or landing page in which a potential buyer can download your report or purchase of your eBook. No other publishing method has this kind of flexibility for expansion.

Ebooks are easily distributed or downloaded online. One of the best features that have served publishing well is the fact that an eBook is easily updated. As an example, my 2008 eBook, Defeat Foreclosure has been updated four times in three years as the U.S. House and Senate keep changing the laws regarding foreclosure, mortgages, home ownership and taxes.

We duplicate 200 to 300 eBook disks at a time so the book is as current as the last duplication of disks. Being able to download an eBook online and put the book on your hard drive saves a trip to the local bookstore or waiting for it to come in the mail. We have truly become impatient consumers.


Ebooks can be designed to be interactive. Our series of 12 Nikon Digital Camera eBooks by best selling author Peter iNova like the D40, D300 and the new D90 utilizes a “rollover” technique in which moving the mouse over an image turns it to a before and after picture like magic, making learning a camera technique faster and easier to comprehend. Video and mp3 audio files can also be included in an eBook further enhancing the experience, drawing your reader into the virtual world of your eBook. The potential is virtually limitless.

As this new generation seems to be born with their umbilical cord attached to a computer, the new world is not opposed to reading on the Internet, including entire books on their computer, Kindle or iPads. The information explosion for sharing information, ideas, techniques, and expert knowledge is expanding faster then we can consume the data generic cialis from canada. It is obvious, therefore, why electronic self-publishing has become popular so quickly.

Ebooks have certain capabilities and qualities that other publishing alternatives do not offer. Ebooks are easy and inexpensive to produce. You don’t need an agent, a printing press, or a distributor. You just need a great concept, the ability to write or, the money to hire a writer, and the right software.

In conclusion, there are numerous ways to use eBooks to promote your business, drive traffic to your website and once posted on your site, you can turn them into online study courses, bringing your customer back to read the next chapter or use them as a free gift for making a purchase. We have placed our YouTube promotional DVD on a disk as an example of using a DVD as a business card or innovative brochure.

Using eBooks cuts the cost of producing separate promotional material. Ebooks give you the opportunity to learn your market and customer habits over a period of time, without risking a great deal of financial resources.

Research your own niche if you are planning to write an eBook. Check out Amazon and ClickBank to see what subject matter is selling. Use your research to discover what the goals and problems are in your specific subject. Then find your own unique way to solve these problems, and publish an eBook that might approach the niche from a different direction. If you plan to do an eBook on a current subject see what those authors have left out of their books. This will increase the value of your eBook and your reputation as an expert in your field.

The eBook is here to stay, so is the information explosion.

Over the past two decade I have produced and printed books for The Los Angeles Times, Simon & Schuster and Random House. I am therefore well aware of the horror stories on the street about what is being called “Black Wednesday” about two years ago three-dozen people on the editorial staff were handed their pink slips at Simon & Schuster after decades of loyal service. Like most avalanches the process continues to bury hundreds of employees as the head-rolling process of downsizing took its toll. This was the beginning of another major industry in this country headed for bankruptcy, hard times or a Washington bailout.

The week before Black Wednesday, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a publishing house made up of two previously indep...

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This article should be called how to financially survive the publishing of your book. The writer is the author of 9 books and had published over 500 titles. This is not the school of hard knocks, this article provides some key points on where to begin, what you need to know, and what mistakes you need to avoid. To publish a book is a process like baking a cake… leave out one simple ingredient and you end up with a pancake.

Collaborative-publishing has a romantic ring to it … that pioneer spirit or the “Don Quixote” approach to getting your title in print. Collaborative-publishing may be the only option available to most writers these days as major publishers are facing the same hardships as the auto making industry who find themselves overextended to say the least.

We are just beginning to realize the full impact of the publishers who were buying out every independent bookstore in the country to become the biggest bookstore on the block. This meant feeding those giant stores with more and more books with nearly a third returned unsold, representing another boom and bust in this economy. When sold at 70% discount as ‘remainder stock...

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