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The Illness of Medicine




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The Illness of Medicine: Experiences of Clinical Practice

ABOUT THE BOOK: Dr. Michael J. Young, a practicing physician for 3 decades sheds light on the current debacle of the medical health delivery system in America. His powerful book is an important message and honest look behind and around the process of health care delivery, from the perspective of both patient and provider.

The book examines and reviews how one experiences medical treatment from both sides of the table. The significant obstacles patients endure, as well as the exasperation many of the truly dedicated medical professionals feel, has been assessed. The controlling arrogance of the insurance industry and the clout pharmaceutical companies have over us have just become overwhelming. Dr. Young recalls a time in his 30-year medical practice when these industries worked with, and for, us. Today, they appear to be the opposition. Patients have essentially no control and doctors have lost the ability to direct their own profession. Profit-driven corporations dictate how our care is now governed. This is an undeniable problem. We are all frustrated with how we are so restricted, so vulnerable as we struggle to navigate through our health care system. Most painful is how we are treated by the medical system itself. Absent today is the sense of concern and empathy we used to associate with the medical profession. We yearn to be treated with compassion; to have trust and confidence in those engaged in taking care of us. Unfortunately, medicine has become a mechanism of profit. It has become a business whose own bureaucratic tendencies have spread like a powerful, aggressive disease.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Michael J. Young is a graduate of Indiana University, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with an undergraduate degree in Biology. He then matriculated to Rush Medical College for his medical degree, and subsequently to Loyola University Medical Center, to complete his residency in Urology. Dr. Young was certified by the American Board of Urology, and went into private practice upon completion of his training. He was the Section Chairman of Urology at two Chicago area medical centers, as well as the Residency Program Director at these institutions for The Department of Urology, University of Illinois at Chicago. Upon retiring from clinical practice, Dr. Young retained his Clinical Assistant Professorship in the Department of Urology at the University of Illinois. Currently, he is involved in the innovation and development of surgical and medical devices and instrumentation at the university. Dr. Young is an avid photographer, traveler, and golfer.

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And Into The Fire: by Rodney Atkinson



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And Into The Fire, a title taken from the English idiom, "Out of the frying pan and into the fire,"this 165 page book minces no words in exposing how German Nazis and European Fascism, which the Allies thought to have vanquished in WWII, were the handmaidens of today's European Union.




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Author, Rodney Atkinson is one of Britain's leading political economists, an expert on the constitutional effects of British membership of the European Union and a former occasional adviser to ministers. He has a track record of successful prediction of economic and political crisis, having predicted in advance inter alia the collapse of oil prices in 1983, the fall in British house prices in 1989, the end of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1990, and the precise consequences of the Euro in 2000.


He has been a successful linguist and linguistic theorist, was formerly a lecturer at the University of Mainz, Germany and a merchant banker in the City of London. He is the Founder of the Freenations website (visited by individuals and government institutions from over 100 countries) an occasional adviser to MPs and the proprietor of his own commercial property company.


He is the author of over 100 articles and policy papers three internationally praised books on political economy: Government against the People (1986), The Emancipated Society (1988), The Failure of the State (1989) and three on the European Union, Treason at Maastricht (with Norris McWhirter CBE, fourth edition 1998) Europe's Full Circle (third edition 1998 also published in Yugoslavia and Poland) and Fascist Europe Rising (2001 also published in Yugoslavia). For the extensive all party and international praise of these books and other work see the websites www.rodneyatkinson. freeuk.comand He was Referendum Party candidate in North West Durham in the 1997 General Election (5.2% of the vote) and the lead UK Independence Party candidate for the North East Region in the 1999 European Elections (8.83% of the vote). He has been a contributor to radio and television programmes on both sides of the Atlantic. He launched the cross party British Declaration of Independence in 1999.











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Hypno -Yoga: by Ellen Heuer



Hypno Yoga, In the Rain Forest of Costa Rica --DVD By Ellen Heuer


Yoga practitioners have known for centuries that the practice of Yoga exercise engages both mind and body. At the end of a session, a relaxed pose of "Savasana" allows one to absorb the full benefit of the discipline as one prepares to re-enter the world of daily activities. But what if that state of mind were the beginning of something creatively delicious, intensely personal and authentically even more beneficial?


Ellen Heuer, licensed Hypnotherapist as well as Yoga Instructor, married her twin careers into Hypno Yoga years ago when she saw that the mental state during Savasana was ideal for expanding the benefit of the Yoga through a guided meditation. She has traveled the world with Hypno Yoga bringing its benefits to a widening audience of students and practitioners, and the most common question they've expressed after a Hypno Yoga session is, "How can I have this with me, always?"


The Hypno Yoga DVD project was born to address this need. Now Hypno Yoga, In The Rain Forest of Costa Rica can be with you any time you can arrange a quiet hour of Yoga exercises and relaxed, uninterrupted attention. This DVD contains all you need to start, whether you are a novice or experienced practitioner.


The 25-minute Yoga Practice precedes a 20-minute expanded Savasana--the unique and uplifting new feature that sets Hypno Yoga apart from all others. While the Yoga Practice imagery was captured in the rain forest of Costa Rica, the meditation imagery comes from a completely different universe. 

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A Brief History of Serbian Music: by William Dorich



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Serbian Music



During the Ottoman occupation of the Balkans for 412 years, Serbs were denied the right to an education and the use of musical instruments.

After the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 and the destruction of Serbian nationhood, 412 years of Ottoman slavery ensued in the Balkans with the inevitable decline of the Serbian Orthodox faith and music. During this Turkish occupation, Serbs were forbidden to own property, to learn to read and write and were even denied the use of musical instruments. The Serbs however were tenacious and maintained an oral history through folk poems and songs. The only defenders of Serbian art and culture in these difficult centuries were the peasants who played the Gusle, a one-stringed instrument. As their punishment for playing a musical instrument many of these musicians were blinded by their oppressors resulting in thousands of such punishments. Being denied the right to music or dance, the Serbs invented a silent kolo (dance) in which the syncopation of the pounding feet became a sort of musical accompaniment to the dancers. This dance is still performed today by Serbian people.

Over these decades, the western parts of the Balkans were influenced by Renaissance culture, while the Serbian side "under Turkish rule" was forced into a state of dormancy. Serbian culture would not reawaken until the beginning of the 18th century, when the Serbs successfully threw off the bonds of Turkish rule, gaining their freedom and revitalizing their Orthodox Christian faith and their music.

The great poet and dramatist Goethe so loved the Serbian people, their poetry and folklore that he learned to fluently speak their language. Goethe was also the major influence in encouraging Brahms, Loewe, and Josef Maria Wolfram to create musical compositions based on Serbian folk poems and literature. Brahms' famous lullaby is derived from a Serbian folk poem.

When the Jews fled Spain the Serbs provided a hospitable environment in which the Jews resettled and prospered. The oldest Jewish Choir in the modern world is in Belgrade.

The formation of the Pancevo Church Choral Society in 1838 and the Belgrade Choral Society in 1853 resulted in each becoming centers for nurturing young talent. The first music schools were founded through the efforts of these choral societies. The Brilliant work of Serbian composers like Bajic, Stankovic, Mokranjac, Marinkovic, maksimovic, Djordjevic and Binicki accomplished in a hundred years what other cultures had the luxury of creating in several centuries. This books covers the history of over 40 of these composers.

This book was inspired by the important work of Dr. Stopjan Lazarevic of the Belgrade Choral Society, the research of Stana Djuric-Klajn, and the dedication of Serbians in the diaspora who maintained their culture and their music-at times under the most trying circumstances. 


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Kosovo Is Serbia By Dr Vojin Joksimovich Ph D



By Dr. Vojin Joksimovich Ph. D. 

E-Book On CD Disk

Kosovo is Serbia: Description:

Kosovo Is Serbia is a powerful second edition to Kosovo Crisis: A Study in Foreign Policy Mismanagement. Since the original book that was published in 1999, the Kosovo situation has once again splashed across the front pages of the international press and once again reveals the duplicity of the United States and several of her allies who seem only capable of mouthing the words terrorists; but reveal their willingness to cooperate with known terrorists out to destroy nations through unbridled violence.

Hashim Thaci, the prime minister of Kosovo has the bloodiest hands in the Balkans, has personally murdered innocent Serbian women and children. The previous prime minister, Agim Ceku was a Hague Tribunal convicted war criminal but that did not stop the U.S. State Department from affording him every luxury of that office.

Major General (ret'd) Lewis MacKenzie, former UNPROFOR commander in Bosnia has this to say on April 3, 2008 in the Global & Mail: "Canadians should be concerned regarding Kosovo's current leadership. The current Prime Minister Hashim Thaci was the leader of the KLA. He has admitted that the KLA orchestrated the infamous Racak "massacre" dressing their KLA dead in civilian clothes, machine gunning them and dumping them in a ditch and claiming it was a Serbian slaughter of civilians. NATO bought into the ruse and on its 50th birthday looking for a role in the post cold war world the alliance became the KLA's air force and bombed a sovereign nation from the safety of 10,000 ft. No one in NATO was hurt. His predecessor as Prime Minister was Agim Cheku. He was in command of Croatian Forces in the Medak Pocket where Serb families were burnt alive in their cellars necessitating intervention by Canadian soldiers and he was also in charge in 1995 during Operation Storm when the Croatian Army cowardly shelled and over- ran Canadian peacekeeping positions. For both of those actions Canada called for the indictment of Cheku for war crimes. Canada should remain united with the approximately 157 member countries of the United Nations and with the leaders of the vast majority of the world's population, India, China, the world's most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia, Russia, Argentina, Greece, Cyprus and 149 others in not recognizing Kosovo's illegal unilateral declaration of independence. Independence has to be earned by a group meeting specific criteria and in accordance with legal protocol. Kosovo does not even come close to qualifying for such recognition."


The Third Reich In Kosovo:

According to Carla Del Ponte, the lead prosecuter of the Hague Tribunal, in her autobiography The Hunt, the leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army, Hashim Thaci, committed atrocities which are compared with the ones committed by Third Reich during the Holocaust. Evidence has surfaced that indicate that over 300 young Serbs were held in the KLA concentration camps, then taken to surgical facilities in Albania where their organs were removed and sold on the black market. Prime Minister Hashim Tachi profited from these immoral transactions as head of the KLA and he should be indicted for war crimes, instead, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was photographed kissing this war criminal and Condoleezza Rice warmly greeted him in the White House. Even Senator McCains wife went to Kosovo for a private meeting with this monster. Apparently the duplicity runs deep when it comes to Kosovo.


In one of her recent interviews Del Ponte told Italian La Stampa that The prosecution of the military criminals in the modern world is exceptionally of political character. If these crimes had been revealed before, no Kosovo independence could ever be mentioned. It is not by chance that the book by Del Ponte was published only now, when the independence has already been declared. This means that the Islamic militants and terrorists are of greater importance to the USA and EU, than are the Christian Serbs in Kosovo.


This Book by Dr. Vojin Joksimovich lays out the entire ugly and sorted mess created first by the Clinton Administration and went unchallenged during the Bush Administration. Americans should be asking why we have betrayed Serbian allies of two World Wars and why have we aided and abetted Muslim terrorists in creating a "Greater Albania" in the heart of Europe?


About the Author:

Vojin Joksimovich, PhD, was born, raised and educated in Belgrade, Former Yugoslavia now Serbia. As a child, was an eyewitness to German and Anglo-American bombings of Belgrade. At the age of eight, eyewitness and sole survivor of Nazi bombing which instantly killed seven family members. Grandnephew of Dr. Dragic Joksimovic who courageously defended General Draza Mihailovic in Titos 1946 show trial. Upon obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Belgrade, and short employment, emigrated to the UK where he was employed in the nuclear industry and on part time basis obtained Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the Imperial College, London University. Nuclear power plant safety specialist and consultant with careers in Yugoslavia, UK and the U.S. Arrived in the U.S. in 1970 and became the citizen in 1976. Originated over 125 professional publications presented at various international conferences.


As a Serbian-American activist he published over 60 newspaper and internet columns. Delivered a similar number of talks on various aspects of the Balkan conflicts in the 1990s and at the beginning of the 21st century. He has spoken before audiences at San Diego Universities, World Affairs Councils in Boston, Orange County and San Diego, the Commonwealth Club of California, Colorado University at Boulder, Kennedy School of Government at the Harvard University, and various Rotary Club branches. Author of two comprehensive books: Kosovo Crisis: A Study in Foreign Policy Mismanagement and The Revenge of the Prophet: How Clinton and His Predecessors Empowered Radical Islam. Two-term Serbian Unity Congress president with 11 terms on the Board of Directors. In that capacity he met with numerous officials at the National Security Council and the State Department, many congressmen and analysts at various Washington think tanks. Currently, he is Deputy President of the North County Chapter of the San Diego World Affairs Council. For three years Joksimovich was in charge of the program. Columnist and blogger at several web sites including the With his wife of 38 years, Nada, he lives in Escondido, California.

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Media Cleansing: Peter Brock




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Media Cleansing


PLEASE NOTE: This digital version of Media Cleansing is only available on the Apple iPad or Amazon Kindle tablets (No longer In Print) (DO NOT CLICK ON ADD TO BASKET) You cannot order this book through this website. First, you need an iTunes account or an Amazon account. When you click on the Apple or Amazon Logo below it takes you to their web order pages where you pay for the book and download it onto your tablet. DOWNLOAD IT ON THE IPad, Kindle, Nook etc.


Foreword by David Binder, former Washington/Balkan Correspondent for the New York Times.

Five years in exhaustive preparation and writing, Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting, is the blockbuster book by American journalist Peter Brock that exposes the shocking record of the Western media's war reporting in the breakup of Yugoslavia and their collusion that deceived the world during the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo.


This book will reveal why mainstream media refuses to interview this award winning journalist. At the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on March 17th, 2006, David Binder called for the revocation of the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting awarded to John Burns of the New York Times and Roy Gutman of Newsday saying: " all fairness and honesty, the Pulitzer should be revoked ...or give Janet Cooke's Pulitzer back."


This is THE story that the pack journalists, correspondents and editors would not, and will not write.


Here are the documented contradictions, the profession-wide errors, admissions, confessions and suppression by the reporters and correspondents who were co-participants in the deliberate dismantling of a sovereign nation, inflaming governments and the United Nations, politicians and manipulating public opinion.


This is the book that was feared by the mainstream American and European press since 1993 when "Dateline Yugoslavia: The Partisan Press" was published by this author in Foreign Policy, the journal of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Washington, D.C.). It reverberated throughout Western capitals, shattering the media's self-illusions about impartiality, objectivity, fairness and truth and provoked an unprecedented reaction and backlash from media organizations, journalistic societies, academics and government leaders, leading to street protests in Europe, and even a "press trial"!


Media Cleansing..., adapted from the outcry of "ethnic cleansing" that drove the decade-long civil wars, shows how Western journalism became THE essential war propaganda. Invasion, occupation, repression, and selective prosecution of war criminals resulted from the media hysteria over so-called "rape camps," "concentration camps," and deliberate policies of atrocity, mass murder and chemical warfare being re-introduced to mainland Europe. Hundreds of thousands were brutally evicted from homelands occupied for centuries by their ancestors. Horrific economic sanctions were deliberately inflicted, causing generation-wide disease, birth defects and chronic maladies unseen since medieval times - and that will persevere for decades! Agricultural lands are laced with radioactive debris from depleted uranium and toxic chemicals. Widespread air and water pollution contaminate not only former areas of conflict in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo but adjacent Balkan nations, as riparian ecosystems in the lower 600 miles of the Danube River watershed are disrupted if not destroyed forever. Uncounted land mines, explosives, live ammunition - including undetonated NATO missile warheads and cluster bomb components - are unaccounted for.


TODAY, the national and regional economies in "former Yugoslavia" are being further decimated. Ranks of unemployed expand exponentially. And worse, presidential assassination and the failure of caricature Balkan elections accompany the alarming rise of ultra-nationalism as factions in the region are increasingly volatile. The extremist scourge that ruined Yugoslavia only a decade ago is reviving rapidly to re-ignite and destabilize the whole of Europe - again!


Media Cleansing... traces the pathology of media complicity that consumed and obsessed trusted international news organizations and news professionals. Scores of interviews with examinations and analyses of the published record compelled the correspondents and their editors to confront their negligence, co-belligerence and admitted collusion that deceived the world.



Mr. Brock's career as a newspaper journalist for more than 30 years is highlighted by 17 professional awards - including being named a finalist for the 1989 Pulitzer Prize competition in Public Service.


Recognized as a political and environmental writer and investigative reporter, Mr. Brock holds the Southern Journalism Award for Investigative Reporting (Duke University), the Thomas L. Stokes Award for Environmental Reporting of the Washington Journalism Center, and other distinctions.


He has widely traveled the Balkans, Western Central Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and other regions since 1976.


A specialist in the role of the Western media in the Balkan wars, Mr. Brock's controversial articles and reports were reprinted in major newspapers worldwide. He appeared on nationally-televised panel discussions that focused on the Yugoslav wars, and he was interviewed by numerous domestic and international newspapers, television and radio.


He began his newspaper career at The Philadelphia Inquirer, served for 20 years with The El Paso (Texas) Herald-Post, and wrote/reported/edited for newspapers in New Mexico, Colorado and Washington, D.C.





Peter Brock has done a masterful job - through patient and unbiased documentation and cool, logical reporting - of highlighting the great failure of the media in fairly and accurately covering the break-up of the former Yugoslavia and the subsequent wars in its constituent parts. As someone intimately involved in covering the wars of the 1990s in the Balkans, I can attest that Brock's writing is restrained and, if anything, understated, and the indictment of the media for its bias and the resultant contribution to the start and ongoing conduct of the war is valid. That there were genuine initial misunderstandings on the part of the world's media with regard to the Balkan situation is clear. But the fact that the media - on whose judgments governments made policies - allowed itself to be duped by propagandists, and that editors then refused to recant when their errors became obvious: there lies the essence of Brock's indictment. The free press of the world fought to be recognized as the guardian of truth and as a pillar of good governance. It cannot now deny culpability and reject criticism, or avoid the growing sentiment that it - as with all aspects of public life - requires constant review, and reform. It is evident from Brock's vital and eminently readable book that for freedom to perish, all it takes is for the media to exempt itself from its ethical responsibility toward impartiality. If Watergate was the modern starting point for agenda-based reporting, then the Balkan wars showed that, unchecked, the media could, without accountability, bring about the downfall of nations. The resultant emergence of terrorist coordinating centers in the Balkans, intimately involved in the 9/11, Madrid, and London attacks, can be laid directly at the door of the editors who allowed bias to rule their coverage of the Balkan wars. We have yet to see the full consequences of the media's shameful unprofessionalism in the Balkan wars of the 1990s. But to start to remedy the problem it is essential that Brock's Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting be widely read, and its message taken to heart. Peter Brock's book should be the basis for both Congressional and independent media enquiries.

-- Gregory R. Copley, President of the International Strategic Studies Association, and Editor of Defense & Foreign Affairs publications.


Those of us who served as UN commanders in Bosnia realized the majority of the media reports were biased to say the least. Whenever we tried to set the record straight we were and continue to be accused of being, "Serbian agents," refreshing to see a journalist, not a general, dispel some of the myths that characterized the professional propaganda paid for by two sides in a three-sided civil war.

-- Lewis MacKenzie, Major General (retíd) UNPROFOR Chief of Staff and Commander Sector Sarajevo March to August 1992 Author of, Peacekeeper: The Road to Sarajevo, 1993


Reporting "Serbian genocide" became a highly profitable industry that produced Pulitzer prizes and million-dollar best sellers. Media careers and fortunes were made through a campaign of anti-Serb hate and hysteria allowing no response from the Serbian side. Peter Brock has written a book meticulously correcting such past media lies and exaggerations. For those open-minded and willing to read another point of view, Brock's book will be a revelation.

-- Professor Raju G. C. Thomas, author and editor of a dozen books, and recently the contributing editor of Yugoslavia Unraveled: Sovereignty, Self-Determination, Intervention, Lexington Books, 2003.


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Sleep Seekers: by Doug Childress, M.D



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 Insomniacs spend $4.5 billion annually on sleep medications. Sleep Seekers: The Insomniacs Reference Guide was written to reveal alternatives to prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Medications are known not to be very effective for chronic insomnia, yet are still the primary treatment given to patients.


Whether you are part of the sleep marketplace or not, treating sleep is big business. In recent statistics, 39% of all individuals have periodic insomnia resulting in poor levels of daily function. About 12% have chronic insomnia. These are tremendous numbers of people that suffer from poor sleep ability.


Sleep Seekers will assure you of unlocking the secrets to a good nights sleep... you deserve it.


About the Authors:

Doug Childress, M.D is a fulltime author with expertise covering a wide spectrum of information from health, medicine, business and information technology. After years as a medical administrator and practicing physician, Dr. Childress turned to a professional career of writing. He now enjoys providing a variety of educational resources enabling readers to take control of their own health and lives.


William Dorich, President of GM Books, was a pioneer in self-publishing twenty-five years ago and his company continues to make new and innovative publishing advancements. William Dorich is the author of 8 books. Sleep Seekers follows his 2008 book Defeat Foreclosure and his 2009 book, The Nursing Home Crisis. 

SKU : 9303805

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Memoirs of a Serbian-American Dissident



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William Dorich is the author of 9 books, 6 on Balkan history. The author was a correspondent for the American Srbobran for 15 years, his articles have appeared in The Washington Times, Arizona Republic, Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Chicago Tribune and The American Bar Association Journal among others. During the Balkan Civil Wars in the 1990’s William appeared on Fox News, Geraldo Live, Charles Grodin and was interviewed on over 300 national radio broadcasts. His Memoirs book is complied from his reporting on the Balkans conflict. He is also read on numerous Serbian websites and blogs.

His first book, Serbian Genocide-1941- 45, was published on the 50th anniversary of WWII and was co-written with the late David Martin, author of The Web of Disinformation (1989) and the late Michael Lees, author of The Rape of Serbia (1989).

His 1992 book, Kosovo, was co-written with 5 Balkan historians including: Dr. Dimitrije Djordjevic, Prof. Thomas Emmert, V. Rev. Mateja Matejic, Slavko Todorovich and Dr. Alex Dragnich, recipient of the Thomas Jefferson Award for Distinguished Service to Vanderbilt University. William's current books include, A Brief History of Serbian Music in its second edition; Hilandar's Octocentenary written to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Hilandar Monastery on Mt. Athos and the 2011 book, Serbia: Faces & Places with co-author Val Rajic.

In 1997, on Easter, the Holy Synod of Serbian Orthodox Bishops bestowed The Order of St. Sava on William—the highest recognition given to a layperson by the Serbian Church. He is also the 1997 recipient of an Award of Merit by the Serbian Bar Association of America. In 2011 he received a Humanitarian Award from RAS, an international Serbian organization.

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