Shipping Options

Shipping methods and experiences

USPS Book Rate

This is the standard for shipping publications inexpensively. It is also the slowest. We have witnessed packages delivered as slowly as three weeks from the day we mailed them. Yet some packages arrive as quickly as three days all the way across the mainland US. It is very, very unpredictable.
Particularly not recommended for places like deep rural areas, Hawaii, Alaska or islands. The post office sends these packages by surface transport and even by boat sometimes...

USPS Priority Mail

Priority Mail is equivalent to First Class Letters except as a package. Delivery is not literally as fast as letters, probably due to the manual sorting steps packages encounter. Still, this arrives in 3 to 5 days. Usually. Sometimes faster.

USPS Express Mail

Express mail is handled in concert with FedEx under contract to the USPS. Often it is received overnight and rarely exceeds one extra day. It is less expensive than FedEx direct and is highly recommended when you need the package quickly at a decent express delivery rate.

International Air Mail

This method is quite fast for overseas delivery. It seems that once International Air packages are out of this country, the other post offices of the world do a very good job of delivering them quickly. No duties are included in our postage and handling rates.

International Express Mail

When you need it around the world as quickly as possible, this may be your best method. It costs more but it may shave days off of delivery time overseas. No duties are included in our postage and handling rates.

Special Shipping Arrangements

We can arrange to deliver your package by any means you need. Special arrangements can be made during business hours, 10 to 6 weekdays, 10 to 4 Saturdays, Pacific Time, for FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. for shipping on the very next delivery cycle. Call (310) 475 2988 in the USA to discuss your needs, rates and schedules.


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