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TransAtlantic Man

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Sir Eldon Griffiths was educated at Cambridge and Yale. He spent 30 years as a member of the British Parliament.

TransAtlantic Man is the first of a two-volume memoir. His TransAtlantic journey began as an international journalist as Foreign Editor of Time and Newsweek. TransAtlantic Man is rich in personal recollections of leaders on both sides of the Atlantic, from Churchill to Blair, from Nixon and Kennedy to George W Bush.

Starting with a young man's exposure to Hitler's death camps, it shares his experiences as a prisoner of the Russians in Budapest and at the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

We are regaled with anecdotes about the parliamentary district of Bury St Edmunds (one fifth of whose residents were Americans), from which the US launched its air strike on Libya.

Among the highlights are meetings with De Gaulle, Castro, Pinochet, Mandela, Gorbachev, Reagan and notable women from Elizabeth Taylor to Princess Diana. TransAtlantic Man, Volume One is about his life in the UK and Volume Two, his life in the United States where he wrote for the Orange County Register and where he is currently Chairman of the Board of the National World Affairs Council.

Soft cover, 800 pages.

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