Digital Camera Instruction

Have you just purchased a beautiful digital camera but don't quite know how to use it? It's not surprising. Today's digital cameras, even many point-and-click models, are packed with more advanced features than ever. These features enable any amateur photographer with a good working knowledge of the camera to take pictures like a pro.

However, that last sentence highlights the sticking point for many people: learning--and becoming truly comfortable with using--these features. The most sophisticated camera in the world won't do you any good if its amazing capabilities go unexplored. Yet many novice digital camera owners with the will to learn never actually get around to doing so. How come?

We believe the reason is partially due to lack of truly helpful and accessible information. Sure, every digital camera comes with a company-issued manual. However, these manuals are often difficult to follow or have limited information. What many people need is real quality instruction in how to use the camera--basically, a class or tutorial.

What we offer at GM Books is exactly that. However, instead of instruction in a traditional classroom setting, we offer it in digital form: on CD-ROMs called "eBooks," by best-selling author Peter Inova, that you can read and study at your own pace on your home PC. Our computer-based personal digital photography courses are loaded with the most popular software applications in the industry, such as Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat. "Roll-over" capabilities are included in hundreds of the CDs' images, to show the reader a before-and-after comparison for the technique being taught. As such, learning is highly visual. With one of our courses, even the most fumble-fingered beginner can learn to master the digital camera, starting with the fundamentals and finessing the most advanced functions.

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