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I'm so glad that I have been able to work with Anita and Bill Dorich at GMBooks. As publishing expands into internet and electronic media, they’ve been able to keep pace and grow right along with today’s evolutionary curve. When other publishers were insisting on doing things the way they had always been done, Bill took a deep breath and headed off into new territory. That was seven years ago, and our series of digital photography eBooks has been moving onward and upward ever since.
Peter iNova—“DSLR-series” eBooks, Nikon Coolpix and Sony eBooks, Segway Secrets book, and more coming.

If every book in the English language was published by Bill Dorich and GMBooks, there wouldn’t be any such thing as TV. Bill’s personal touch is exemplary as the quality of the physical product
Peter Brock—“Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting”

When working with GMBooks, honesty, ease and forthrightness are palpable. I have always been treated with the greatest dignity and respect, because that’s who Anita and Bill Dorich truly are.
Ruth McConnell, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist—“The Kissing Cure”

Working with Anita Dorich and GMBooks has been a journey into “the pursuit of excellence.” I approached Anita with the concept for my book, a collection of women’s words of wisdom throughout the world, which was inspired by my own Mother’s wise counsel. For the duration of the effort to bring the book to fruition, both Anita and Bill were unfailing in their assistance. The Dorich team is brilliant in their observations of what is needed to make a book a success. They are true artists in their field, both insightful and knowledgeable, as well as incredibly creative—a truly winning combination. I found their guidance invaluable in making my dream a reality.
Marie True Evans—“String of Pearls... A Mother’s Wisdom”

As the result of a long-standing and successful relationship with GMBooks on the Great Deli Cookbook, I would not think of approaching anyone other than Anita and Bill Dorich to publish a second book on a totally unrelated subject. Love is Love But…Business is Business was produced professionally and proficiently well before my requested deadline in both hard copy and the newer eBook format, in which GM is expert. I knew I could be entirely confident in handing over this new project, and was gratifyingly proved right.
Merle H. Horwitz—“Love is Love, But Business is Business”


I was a previously published author when I met the GMBooks people. They helped me transform what would have been an economically impossible print project into a much better and far less costly eBook format. Their knowledge, experience, and contacts have proved invaluable—but even more important for me is the level of my personal dealings with them. Bill Dorich has been honest, reliable, accessible, and very supportive throughout the project. There simply would have been no “Digital Photography Tutor” eBook (or at least not a very good one) without him.
Jerry Rabow—“Digital Photography Tutor”

If you need a book that truly represents what you hope to achieve, look no further than GMBooks. Anita and Bill Dorich’s care, concern, and attention to detail made my publishing experience a dream come true. They were there for me every step of the way. And they continue to believe in my eBook and promote it long after the initial pub-date. How many publishers can you say that about? Very few!
Mira Vukelich—“Empowered English”

Originally the publication of my book was contracted with another publisher. I terminated the contract in frustration but was extremely lucky to find GMBooks. Working closely with Anita and Bill Dorich, the book was published within two months. It was a textbook example of a highly successful author/publisher team effort. The book contains 92 illustrations but GMBooks never raised any objections and were only happy to accommodate the author’s wishes and thus contributed to the success of the book.
Vojin Joksimovich, Ph.D.—“Kosovo Crisis: A Study in Foreign Policy Mismanagement”

Anita and Bill Dorich were instrumental in bringing my idea for an art book to fruition. From clarifying the concept, editing the text and illustrations, producing the photographs and putting the whole project together, they excelled professionalism and dedication. Their proactive support made me feel secure that I had chosen GMBooks wisely. My book delivered on time as promised and was immediately accepted by the Los Angeles Unified School District for use in the Art Curriculum. I recommend GMBooks to anyone with a manuscript to develop.
Helene Jukoff—“Pathways to Creativity”

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